The Bimbette Arrives

My friends are constantly reminding me to not worry…that karma will take care of him.  The cliche, “what goes around comes around” is what they’re talking about. I’ve been told that when someone treats you really badly the universe steps in and makes the correction for you.

In the meantime, it hurts like hell and moving on has been tough. I don’t bounce like I used to and I miss him sometimes. Slowly my heart, my confidence, my self-esteem and my pride are being renewed and I’m feeling relatively whole again. I think I’ve managed to pick up all the broken pieces of me by now and the wounds are healing.

In an earlier post I talked about finally letting go by sending Mr. Pathetic to hell. I have to say it worked! I haven’t been tempted to talk to him since…you can’t talk to someone who’s been sent to hell. It’s the closure I needed…the point of no return, no doubts, no regrets.  Logical thinking has crept back into my brain!

The email I wrote when I sent him to hell also had a wish for him in it. I hoped that he would find the bimbette of his dreams who will sit in the bitch seat of his life for awhile and make him as miserable as he made me. Well, I’m happy to announce that this has happened. The bimbette has arrived.

She was once a friend to me, and listened to my pain over the breakup like a true friend would. I confided in her about what I went through with him.

Somewhere along the line she decided to pick at my leftovers. She started flirting with Mr. P like a bimbette in heat. I know her well…she’s desperate for a man. No longer my friend, she is truly the bimbette I wished on him. I love Karma…bring it on.

It pays to be fearless. Love to you all…Karm


About Karmic Diva

I'm a song in the key of life, a work in progress, a diamond in the rough. I write, scribble, babble and doodle endlessly. I'm here to love and learn. -Karmic Diva-

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  1. The Old Heave Ho

    I firmly believe chicks before dicks! She is in the wrong they deserve each other I love your outlook on it 🙂

  2. I agree with you. know who your enemies are before you name your friends.

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