Are U Kidding?

If you want to get a good laugh read a few online dating profiles.  This one in particular was one of the weirdest, most inarticulate profiles I’ve read lately.

It’s hard to believe a 61 year old man would write a profile like this on a dating site.  Why would any woman be tempted to meet someone  like this? Does he really think this will get him a date?

Let me save you the trouble of actually reading it and just scan through. You’ll get the general idea. On a scale of 1-10 how pathetic do you think he is? Is he illiterate, lazy or just plain stupid?


Winter’s Finally here!!! LET’S ENJOY TOGETHER!!!! Need a Warm Hug+? My New Pic was just taken on 12/16/2011 at the Town Gazebo. I’m told I am a good Cook! I cooked a Baked Squash Casserole for Staff at Work; it was Enjoyed by all!! Also, Tell me something Ladies, R there ANY Women out here in CYBERLAND who do NOT LIE? I seem to be meeting the Women who LIE!!! I am rather tired of it! Is there any Gal out there who will Breathe a Breath of Fresh Air into my Life??? Restore my Hope for an Honest Gal, huh?? You can expect the same Loyalties in Me too!!! Come explore Life’s Adventures with me! I like a Woman who will Walk the Path of Life Beside me, Not behind Me!!! I am very Young-minded, RU? I am a Professional type of Guy who is very Easy-Going to amuse; the Simpler the Better! I love the Outdoors as evidenced by my Photography! I love Art, especially my Photography—-Check out my Photos! I am seeking my Soul-mate with similar interests below…. I am a Warm Affectionate, Adventurous, Creative, & Sensual Guy who loves the Arts, especially, Photography,& seeks a Passionate Outgoing Sensual Lady who is not afraid of her feelings & able 2 express those; can express those warmer feelings Publicly 2! I’m told I look younger than I am! I love to be active & enjoy chilling at home as well. I love to cook–(Ask me more) That does not mean, I’m a Whimp either, cause I’m not! My Passion, Integrity, & my Confidence precede me. My Ideal Mate will B Confident and not overbearing NOR Controlling>Been there, Done that! I am Open to new Experiences too! She is 2 B Drug/Disease-Free, & a NON-SMOKER! If U love Art/Photography, that is a Big +! We could share those Common Interests! I’m told also I am a good Photographer too! I am Fit and love Walking and Jogging! I love Giving/Receiving Massages & miss those in my life! Massages are a great way to connect intimately with a Special Partner. Wouldn’t you agree? I work F/T in a Medical facility & the Woman in my Life needs to be tolerant of me working 2nd shift! I can flex my schedule sometimes 2 accommodate her too, i.e. Long 4 Day Weekends! Any takers 4 a Date? I am a Complete Gentleman & will never Accept Unacceptable/Cheating behavior in my Life! I am solidly Loyal too! My family is important to me, but don’t let them run my Life! Tho my Mom, who is 95, is very important to me; She is my Best Friend today! Sooo…anyone? Email me I consider Myself to be a Compassionate Sensitive Communicator & reasonably expect to be treated the same way! If U R Not, then I’m NOT INTERESTED!!!! Let’s have some Fun this Fall!, Art Festivals, Waterfire, Jogging, Walking, Tennis anyone? (Tennis is not Mandatory, but would be Nice)! I am fairly Eclectic when it come 2 Music, tho don’t care for Rap! Love the Oldies & Classical too! Thanx for Reading my Profile! Let’s Create some Fun Times! It’s hard sitting Home on a Sat. night; I’m not a Bar-Hanging out Guy!!! I do love Pool tho! ~~~Rick~~~ Let’s celebrate the Holidays with some new Adventures! P. S. I have No Kids; not opposed if U do! Let me Warm your with Stimulating Conversation!!! RU Ready for a New Adventure? Come join me, then! Recent Pics Required! Enjoy my Music Choices!!! It’s all Good!!


His email read “You’re CUTE. Read my Profile! IT Would be Nice to Meet for COFFEE!!!”

My reply was “Sorry but I’m not impressed. In spite of your rather elaborate emoticon skills I’ll pass on you and the baked squash casserole.”   NEXT!!!!!!!

It pays to be fearless. Love to you all on this silly, sunny Monday…Karm


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I'm a song in the key of life, a work in progress, a diamond in the rough. I write, scribble, babble and doodle endlessly. I'm here to love and learn. -Karmic Diva-

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  1. The Old Heave Ho

    Bahaha thanks for the laugh

  2. takes all kinds I guess

  3. I think he enjoys his own photography work a bit…

    What a bloody Drongo!! No wonder women start to see the worst in men. I felt like sending my grandmother over to kick his ass (which she could… Actually so could my Nanna)

    Maybe he read the tips of online d ating and took the advice of writing about yourself a nd future partner a little too seriously…

    Seriously? ” My Ideal Mate will B Confident and not overbearing NOR Controlling>”

    No one calls their partner a mate… Aussie call people mates with a different meaning. But a future partner is not a mate, mate.

  4. Bahaa!! (insert cheesy animated gif here)! He sounds so, so bad. I can’t stand reading his entire profile, why would I want coffee w/ the guy?
    Oh lord, you made me grin again. I’m really glad I found your blog.

  5. He’s just a Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Luv!

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