The rises of female bullies

This is a great article posted by MyDestiny2011 on the topic of cyber stalking by women. If you have a personal story to share please let me know.


There are many reasons why women opt to turn into female Hydes, but seemingly Malaysian women bullies are who they are because society made them so.

THERE have always been bullies, but the increase in adult “mean girls” (the namesake film and Gossip Girls popularised the misdeeds and misbehaviour of female bullies) which, if before it existed only in social circles, has spilled over into the workplace, and almost every sphere of life.

It is an incredibly painful experience to have, or to observe. Because of the equality agenda, women have decided to be hostile and aggressive, and vent their insecurities on their victims. And because women are taught not to complain, and be good, the victims keep silent or choose to ignore the bullies.

Who are these women who heap abuse on other women … and men as well? If you’re to meet them, you’d be floored by their…

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  1. There are certainly some bullies in the dispatch world where I work. Several co-workers have been the victim of these bullies, one in particular, myself included. For me the most effective solution has been to just stay away from The Queen B@!ch. Staying quiet perpetuated it and confronting only escalated it. You can’t talk sense in to a bully. They don’t call it crazy for nothin’.

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