Mean Girls #1

Based on my own experience of being the victim of cyber stalking, I’m going to share the stories of women who have been harmed online by female predators. This is the first of a series of posts dedicated to bringing awareness to the problem.

It’s difficult for me to imagine women victimizing other women. I’ve always had the opinion that women should be treated with dignity and respect. If that’s not possible it’s better to just walk away and not cause any harm.

Women are often subjected to harsh criticism at home, in the workplace and in social situations. The internet has now become a stalker’s paradise. Female predators are using websites, email, chat rooms and public blogs and forums to stalk and bully their victims.

Meet My Stalkers…

I have six cyber stalkers at the present time….all six are female predators.

I’ve been blogging with a group of men and women on a public forum for a few months.  Many of the people I interact with have become personal friends.

Over the past four months it’s become increasingly ugly with a group of cyber stalkers  whose only interest is to humiliate and victimize other women.   Many of us have been repeatedly targeted, bullied and stalked by these women on the site.

These stalkers are adult women in ages ranging from their 40’s to 60’s.  They gang up on their victim, sometimes two to four perpetrators working together at the same time.

They write a blog for the purpose of making a person the subject of ridicule and then they all post to it.  They feed off each other and the posting goes on for several hours. They also instigate others to join in and post demeaning comments aimed at humiliating and bullying their target.

These women have never met me or talked to me outside of the dating site, and know nothing about me firsthand.  They have no vested interest in a friendship with me. Yet they don’t hesitate to publicly criticize, bully and embarrass me on a regular basis.

They rely on gossip or personal opinions to come up with embarrassing comments.  These six women constantly engage in deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior that is intended to emotionally harm the women they target.

Who are these mean girls? I call them the Vampire Twins, the Madams and the Heartless Duo. More about them at another time. For now, I hope I have piqued your interest on the topic. Stay tuned for more.

“When we judge or criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical.” – Unknown

It pays to be fearless.


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I'm a song in the key of life, a work in progress, a diamond in the rough. I write, scribble, babble and doodle endlessly. I'm here to love and learn. -Karmic Diva-

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  1. i am sorry to hear that. i’ve had limited experience with that. i had someone copy a picture of me that was on my blog site, then use that picture to create a phony facebook account, pretending to be me, and contacting my friends to cause trouble and tell lies about me. i’m sure your situation is worse, but it all comes down to unhappy people who don’t know how to improve their own lives, so they bring others down instead.

  2. Sorry to know about your stories too Karmicdiva. I had my most crucial and painful period of my life caused by some people too. And it remains my worst nightmare…ever.

  3. Mean people, are mean people, period. I don’t think they see you as a woman, or a man, they just derive power from their actions. Women fought for the right to vote, wear pants, work, get equal pay and more, we should revel in our victories instead of tearing each other down. I don’t suppose hanging garlic on your monitor would keep the vampire twins away…

  4. That’s scary. And mature women is sick. Wonder why children are screwed up.

  5. I can not fathom why grown women would do that. I’m sorry you are having to go through that, but seems to be inspiring some fantastic writing. I’m hooked!

  6. That’s weird. Why is it these women are wasting their time doing such nonsense?

  7. i would like to share the inspiring award with u


  8. I don’t want to hit the ‘like’ button because it would seem weird, you know. I think this is terrible. The way people treat one another is just awful. Some people just never seem to leave the school/playground mentality behind in their playground. It doesn’t surprise me as I’ve experienced a lot of this type of thing, although not online. Try to take comfort in the fact that they’re probably just jealous of you…

    • It’s very weird indeed. People can be whoever and whatever they want to be hiding behind a computer. I can’t imagine how it must feel to teenagers who are subjected to this.

      • It’s just awful. I’m just home and was out with friends and this topic dominated our discussion. It’s not a nice state of affairs and I wish there was something that could be done to curb this crap for once and for all. It’s just not right. Have a good Friday, it’s the start of the weekend, yeeha! 🙂

  9. Relational bullying doesn’t stop in grade school, and has found it’s way onto the internet… Being adult women makes this even more pathetic.

  10. now, I rarely respond on a blog because of the resentful angry attacks from strangers on the PTSD blogs or the breeding ground for rage the PTSD discussion boards.

    Seems some PTSD ladies become frustrated and resentful with their suffering and turn that venom outward towards others. Recently a subscribed viewer a licensed Psychologist to my PTSD blog, allowed, protected and censured me while one of her clients verbally mauled me personally for a response.

    My response was directed to the psychologist about dissociation and stuck parts, nothing emotional at all. The psychologist refused to take it down or admit it was inappropriate and did not create a safe and secure environment.

    She actually praised this lady and then come to find out this was a client of hers. So here I am facing a licensed psychologist who has some of her clients which she was counseling privately while I was demanding a retraction.

    Long story short this professor at a Professional Psychiarty college changed her mind when I asked for the head of the Psychology department. That post was scrubbed and she apologized that inappropriate things happend vaguely.

    I think some female therapists actually condone this behavior. many therapists go into therapy after they experience maybe trauma in their past.

    Bias and incompetence are everywhere.

    Dr. Phil just called our soldiers with PTSD damaged goods and monsters.

    I can recite so many inappropriate things about that judgmental bias.

    The discussion boards are a place where these women group and hunt in packs. Anger and rage feel much more powerful than being vulnerable and trying to heal. Maybe even think about taking responsibility for our life.

    • thank you for your post. perhaps trauma is behind their behavior. As you said, “The discussion boards are a place where these women group and hunt in packs. Anger and rage feel much more powerful than being vulnerable and trying to heal.” It feels like I’m being hunted at times. They’re like a pack of snarling, hungry wild animals who pounce on their unsuspecting prey. They aren’t satisfied unless their victim is bleeding and wounded. They are relentless and they come back when you least expect it.

  11. Life is difficult enough. Women should bond togther and support each other. How sad for these women that don’t and what sad lives they must lead to have all of this “meaness” inside them.

  12. Know that even though these gals do dmamge, they have to be alone with themselves sooner or later and they do not like what they have become in the reflection in he mirror.

    The attacks are proportionalal to their suffering and low self worth. This is Kim behavior gone bad, so to speak. They love the feeling of ange and ability to have powe or others.

    They use and all as the rage and attack then crash having wased their nervous systems now for a few days.

    I have protected so many women in Daily Strength discussion boards for a year. The vulnerable who are in search of support are harmed the most.

    many will never reach out and feel safe when predators are on the hunt. Anonymity grants hem the license to ac like verbal predators. Some actually make friends and end up in circle of Hesse women. They gossip and arouse their their disorder.

    I have fought them in the past but as it may be just it takes my focus away from living life.

    Sad grown women have adopted this lifestyle.

  13. Your comment makes so much sense (Anonymity grants hem the license to ac like verbal predators). It is who they are. Their core is rotten. They do it becase they can.

  14. You know… I do know that cyber stalking, cyber bullying and all the rest is a terrible thing, and even if you take away the “cyber” from those terms it is still a mighty terrible thing.

    But… what never ceases to crack me up is the terms people give to their bullies. Gosh I love it!!!! The gaggle of ninny’s who have attempted to do the same to me I dubed, “The Catty Sisters and the Ring Leader”.

    But then again, I am a little wee messed in the head where I find the most absurd things funny; and people just make me either shake my head or fall over laughing.

    Grand post! Thanks for sharing it!

  15. Wow…this is crazy stuff….so disturbing….they need to have some kind of internet police for bullies…..

    • It is crazy. They drive women away from the site. Not everyone will continue to post if they think they’re going to be humiliated by total strangers. Thank you for your post. Hugs

  16. that’s really heavy – and it’s really horrible. me, I didn’t know it was happening. it really comes down to their own sorry state – to their ultimate self-hatred, their lack of happiness and centre – they don’t even realise their nastiness reflects back on them. all power to you for your own inner strength, for your ability to know them as inconsequential, and that you bring this out into this public arena where it can be seen for what it is. in the end – as you know – these women suffer their own lack and lie in their own mess; they punish themselves with every blow they deliver, falling deeper and deeper into their hellish well of self-hatred; they drink from their own dirty water. it’s such a terrible shame that they have to hurt other women to feel superior, such a terrible shame…and that shame will surely come to haunt them.

    • It is a shame because they are viewed as women out of control with unleashed rage and hatred. It says more about them than their victim when they attack. I’ve been defending other women on the site and eventually they started on me. I will defend myself and I’m not afraid of them. I would rather there be peace and harmony, and hopefully someday there will be. Thank you for your input and support. Hugs.

  17. eroticexploration

    How awful! I have been lucky enough not to come across anything link this in my 11 months in the blogging world, but it sounds truly horrid. I love your stance though, that you won’t be intimidated and retain your love of harmony. Peace to you x

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