Mean Girls #2

Sunday wasn’t a typical day on the forums. A young woman dealing with HIV and drug addiction posted a disturbing message.  She claimed she was going to kill herself with a bottle of Xanax and vodka.  Her post went into detail about her desperation for acceptance and support from her family, who has turned their back on her.

She also posted about a woman on the site who has been bullying her in the forums and how hopeless she felt because of it.  She was coming to the site for friendship and emotional support and was met with humiliation and degradation more than once.

Fortunately one of her friends on the site had her phone number and contacted the local police in her town. The police found her address and they responded. She was found in time before she hurt herself. I have no doubt she was in an emotional crisis and if she hadn’t reached out for help she may have acted on her impulse to die.

The bully is one of the “heartless duo” (AKA Snake and Fake). I mentioned them in my earlier post Mean Girls #1.  They stalk their prey together and then gang bang bully their victim.  Snake is a ruthless 50 year old hag who prowls through the forums begging for attention.  Fake is a bully in her late 50’s who desperately seeks approval.

Snake and Fake are a team but Snake is clearly the instigator.  Fake follows her around the forums and adds her hateful, vicious comments to the posts that Snake targets.  It’s obvious that they’re both damaged and neither has control over their need to belittle other women.

I hope the woman in crisis gets the professional help she needs. Her life is hard and dismal. The last thing she needs is to come to the forums and be bullied.  Snake showed no remorse and took no responsibility for what happened with that woman.  The next day she was doing the same thing to someone else.

Cyber stalkers are cowards whose written words are poison to the minds and emotions of the victims they choose.


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  1. Most bullies are really cowards seeking acceptance. They have no concept of how hurtful they truly are. They just want to get someone else to feel the pain they’re feeling.

    • That’s a great point. They’ve been viciously attacking people for awhile but it doesn’t seem to give them the relief they’re looking for.

      • And probably never will. Miserable people either want to be happier or they want to drag others down to their level. Guess we know which these two fit into.

  2. Wonderfully written and important information…I am reblogging this!

  3. Reblogged this on Sillyfrog's Blog and commented:
    I am constantly amazed that people can be so cruel. Tell your kids , over and over, that those who bully ARE the ones with a problem!

  4. This is a really sad state of affairs. I am appalled by the way that some people treat one another. It is obscene, it really is. To think that there are some people out there who only function through successfully making other people’s lives miserable.

    What a shame for those individuals, really.

    I’m relieved that help came before this lady was able to do herself serious harm. I wish there was something we could do to eradicate bullying in all forms. It’s just not right and far too many people suffer at its hands.

  5. Wow! So sad that we cannot prevent them from being in the forums after so many offenses–can we??

  6. Dear God, H.!!! This was so sad to read! WHY do people have to be so mean?? This woman needs help & as quickly as possible! My prayers will be with her…

    • hi Kathy. Maybe you saw it last Sunday. It was a terribly sad situation. It’s getting worse on there everyday.

      • Hi, H., no didn’t see it, not in the blogs & rarely read any…Too much back biting & meaness on DH…Raymond keeps me abreast of things going on & he gets about half sick reading all of that as well…sigh…For God’s sake, it’s SUPPOSED to be a dating site, after all! I think some of them just LIVE for the kill!!!

  7. This is indeed sad, and it breaks my heart to see people intentionally try to hurt others. I just can’t comprehend a mind that would gain pleasure from someone else’s pain. I wonder though, can’t the one being hurt block the hurter; can’t the person running the forum block them. I’m not being critical, just asking. I won’t tolerate any type of bad behavior on any of my forums. I screen comments, and even on FB, I know how to block and remove those who want to be mean or cause trouble.
    I’m glad the woman is okay, and I pray she gets the help she needs.

    • There is no censorship or moderating on the forums. Many have complained but nothing is done. People who have the desire to take others down will find a way to do it. They can be blocked and I don’t know why they aren’t blocked by people who are being attacked. Drama, drama , drama is the name of the game sometimes.

  8. Hopeful Romantic

    I’ve heard them called Trolls on YouTube. The one I had an experience with didn’t even have one video posted. He just created an account so he could hassle other people. It forced me to disable comments on my videos. Too bad there’s not some way to moderate those forums and/or block the bullies.

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