Today I’m dedicating this rant to the dark side of everything and all the guilty pleasures we sinfully attach ourselves to.

By sinful I don’t necessarily mean sin in a literal sense.  It’s more of a metaphor that reaches deep inside of us and brings out the other being in residence in our mind, body,  heart and even our soul.

Being sinful is not a competition between good and evil or right and wrong,  It has a life and energy of its own. Its creative spirit is ignored and concealed in the hopes that these dark desires remain undiscovered.

Those hiding places in us that are reserved for our darkest secrets must also be given a voice.  Be fearless and allow your dark side to come out and play.  Your secrets are safe with me.

Fantasy #1

It might be a single deep kiss, a romantic warm embrace,

A timid stolen glance or an indulgent smile on his face

That speaks his thoughts behind insightful eyes that blaze

With truth and sensitivity, but until she is face to face

His passion and desire remains a mystery until that day

When she reveals her craving, longing to be there and to stay.

She imagines a dimly lit place where the only other face

Is his and the slow dance they share awakens the chance

To bring their sensual delight to life in the ensuing trance,

And as passions rise to claim the raging waves of pulsing flames

The momentum of raw desire brings about the burning fire

Of a euphoric interlude when his deeply buried essence is revealed.

It pays to be fearless.   Love to all…Karm


About Karmic Diva

I'm a song in the key of life, a work in progress, a diamond in the rough. I write, scribble, babble and doodle endlessly. I'm here to love and learn. -Karmic Diva-

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  1. I like the way your mind works!

  2. It really does pay to be fearless! Love the thoughts and the literature together. Thank you for giving us something to think about. 🙂

    • Exploring different parts of me can sometimes be challenging to write about. What will my friends say? What will my daughters think? Now that I’m past that anything is possible.

      • I know what you mean… It is hard when you’re worried about those close to you… but it’s very brave to put yourself out there and you do it so well. I’m sure they’re only proud. 🙂

      • I’m afraid I will give up writing before I’m past caring what people think of it. I’ve already told family and friends I’ve stopped writing, and they seem relieved. There’s compassion, and then there’s judgment. Ironically, the compassion comes from the “strangers” here in the blogosphere.

      • As long as I do it for me it’s a pleasure no matter what others think.

  3. Accepting ourselves completely, all of our facets is vital to our being able to thrive and be authentic in this life.

  4. Wow! An intense ride! It seems, my friend, that once again we are on the same page….my last 3 posts have been dedicated to the darkside with erotic content to boot….congrats, this was great!

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