The lurking compulsion provokes intensity beyond human reason

When the dominant forces within are awakened I become invisible

Even a whisper in the darkness can bring unwanted attention

The tiniest glow of light from the outer world reveals the cluttered truth

A shallow mind seeks refuge from the storms of disruptive deceptions

While longing eats away at the shadows of all things real and important

Obsessions…do we all have one or maybe a few?

Or are they only for the deranged and deviant?

Is your obsession an image, a feeling, a desire, an object?

Are obsessions the ultimate desire for the forbidden?

Is obsession a burning need to conquer and control?

Any thoughts?

It pays to be fearless.ย  Love to all…Karm


About Karmic Diva

I'm a song in the key of life, a work in progress, a diamond in the rough. I write, scribble, babble and doodle endlessly. I'm here to love and learn. -Karmic Diva-

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  1. i obsess on being touched.

  2. I obsess on touching and being touched.

  3. This poem is so deep. Wow! I would say my obsession is a feeling, the feeling to be loved and to share love. Sometimes I find it conflicting with passion, because the two words can often be interchangeable. But to be obssessed in a more positive way, yeah, I’d say: to be loved and to share love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Subhan Zein

  4. I think you’re right. An obsession can also be positive. For me, it’s stronger than a humble desire…it’s a driving force.

  5. obsession is passion for me things i like to do infact love to do like write read etc ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m obsesses with things I love to do too. Well put.Thanks.

  7. fantastic imagery here.

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