Friday Fictioneers 7/20 – via Madison Woods

She was a woman torn between love and logic. In the aftermath of breaking her engagement, doubts and regrets plagued her. What seemed to be such a well-thought out decision at the time had become a torturous emotional crisis.  She missed him more than she ever imagined she would.

She felt like the woman in Robert Frost’s poem Wild Grapes. Intellectualizing a future without him was easy, but she wasn’t sure if she was emotionally prepared to leave him behind.  If she had known how much pain leaving him would cause she would have been wiser and followed her heart.

(word count 101)

This is my post for this week. Your comment and feedback is welcome.


Wild Grapes by Robert Frost

“I had not learned to let go with the hands,

As still I have not learned to with the heart,

And have no wish to with the heart-nor need,

That I can see. The mind-is not the heart.

I may yet live, as I know others live,

To wish in vain to let go with the mind-

Of cares, at night, to sleep; but nothing tells me

That I need learn to let go with the heart.”


Every Wednesday visit Madison Wood’s site to see the picture prompt for the week’s 100-word writing challenge. Write a 100-word story or poem that’s inspired by the picture. Post the writing on your blog.  On Friday post a link to your blog entry in the comments section of her Friday Fictioneers post.


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  1. Nice picture of a woman in the throes of regret. No going back I suppose. Well done.

  2. Very good….your choice of words was smart and left an impact…..

  3. Great story. How true it is. We often take for granted how good we have it, until we don’t have it. Hope they get back together.

  4. I liked it. Cleanly written and plainly written. I am also going to have to see if I can find “The Wild Grapes” somewhere. 🙂

  5. Relationships can certainly be difficult and the decisions effecting them difficult to make and easy to regret. You did an excellent job of showing that and the aftereffects of them.

  6. I need to be needed, just not by you? Enjoyed it.

  7. Sometimes there is no clear answer. Heart versus head? Who knows which is right. One works sometimes but leaves you yearning; the other the same only flipped. Well captured, this dilemma.



  8. So true. If only you could make a list, make the decision on the pros and cons and then turn off the tap of emotions. You wrote it so well!

  9. Wonderfully written. A aches of the heart.

  10. A case of the heart over ruling the mind to late. Good read!

  11. I do wonder where she will go, what her journey will hold, and will life be worth the struggle in the end that she imagined then…

  12. wasn’t she following her heart when she left?

  13. perhaps not…there are times when a sensible decision is made that goes against the heart’s desires. It still hurts just as much though.

  14. Nice inclusion of the Robert Frost poem.

  15. A well-drawn portrait of an experience many of us have had.

  16. Heart leads us in, head leads us out…heart regrets, head rationalises…

    Well written. Enjoyed it, Eric

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