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My Rant

If adults act like children why not treat them like children?

Temper tantrums are so unattractive.

Some days I want to yell “shut the hell up and go to your time out corner.”


October on the River

The river has been my refuge for many years now.  In the summer it’s my playground. In the fall it’s amazingly beautiful. It’s a special place for me any time of year.

-October on the River- Photo by Karmic Diva


My special place is where…

ideas are born

plans are made

fate is decided

instincts dominate

thoughts intensify

wounds heal

I’m glad to be alive

Monday Reflection

What have you learned in this precious lifetime to help you be a better person today?


Chick Lit Award

There’s a great group of talented writers on Word Press known for their adult fiction for mature readers.  Erotica writers don’t always get the credit they deserve so I came up with a special award to celebrate their contribution to the blogging world.

-The Chick Lit Award-

The rules are:


I don’t want to forget anyone so I’ll refrain from nominating individuals.  If you’re a writer in this genre you can decide for yourself if you want to accept the award or not.  I want to give honorable mention to  Kyle Mew who gave me the twisted idea for this.  Keep writing and having fun.

Love Denied

Walk the line between tempest and torment.

Hope lost, love denied, end of innocence.

Douse the lingering fire of lustful dissent.

Praise the wound that bleeds with discontent.

Abandon the heart that loves without consent.

The Race

Attitude and spirit

Worn down by years

But never broken

From a wild mare

To a racing stallion

Tamed with time

From a gifted sprinter

To a gracious trotter

Always a champion

From hurdles and strides

To a peaceful pacer

Never stumbling or trite

In the race against time

Mom’s Wisdom

These words speak louder than the voices in my head and drown out the chatter of my neurotic inner critic.

My mother used to tell me…

-the only happiness that is achievable is my own-

-the way to love is unconditionally-

-hope can be found in friendship-

-everything happens for a reason-

-live for today-

-treat others the way you want to be treated-

-we all live in glass houses-

-you can’t please everyone-

-respect yourself, even when others don’t-

-tomorrow never comes-

-live in the moment-

-freedom isn’t free-

-this too shall pass-


I look at life through the lights and shadows that are most familiar to me.

My world is a brilliant canvas of living color and limitless possibilities.

Life lives, life dies.

Brilliance -H. King-

The End of Summer

My beach bum days are over for another year.  (sigh)

It’s time to put the kayak under the deck where it will stay protected until next spring.

Today I’ll put the beach towels and deck furniture in storage for the winter.

I have to replace my flip flops and summer garb with warm hoodies and winter boots.

I had a great summer and I’m looking forward to many more.

I hope you did too.

Photo by Karmic Diva – Kayaking on the Jones River


Talk or walk?

Hold or fold?

Make up or break up?

I hate it when a relationship falls apart.  Either I’m in complete denial about the situation or I believe I have the power to fix whatever breaks.  Sometimes I forget the other choices…the choice to not fix, to not hide in a fantasy, to face the truth and to take the path that’s best for me.

It doesn’t take long for reality to take over.   Then I remember I have choices.  In the end it’s all about  what’s best for me.