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30 Women in 30 Days – Day 13

Celebrating Motherhood

Since the moment my first daughter was born 35 years ago motherhood has been my top priority in life.  I fell in love with my baby girl and knew I would fight for her no matter what it took.  My second daughter was born two years later and I loved my second baby girl as much as my first.

Parenting was challenging at times. They don’t stay babies forever and before you know it they’re out of your sight and starting to live their own life.

Eventually they become teenagers and the challenge of raising daughters peaks.  I used every trick imaginable to get them both through high school and to keep them safe.

Then they left home and went to college. I cried my heart out and thought they would never come back.  I guess it’s call the empty nest stage.  Oh, but they did come back and they were grown women by then, college educated and ready to take the world on.

Somehow we all survived those years of joy and angst, pushing and pulling each other through the best and worst situations.  We faced life together and shared our special love for each other when it was needed the most.  We still do.

I wasn’t perfect but they both tell me I was a good mother.  Who would know better than them? I did my job and now it’s their turn.  Motherhood is contagious.

“What is so real as the cry of a child?
A rabbit’s cry may be wilder
But it has no soul.” – Sylvia Plath, Ariel

30 Women in 30 Days – Day 1

For the next 30 days I’m going to rebel against the conventional ideal image of a woman … a thin youthful body with shapely hips and large breasts.

It’s no wonder some women have no compassion for their bodies.  The public image of beauty has become so standardized that if a woman doesn’t measure up to this image she often develops a distorted sense of her own beauty.  That’s so very sad.

A woman’s value to society should never be measured by her age or her curves.

Live without pretending.

Love without depending.

Listen without defending.

Speak without offending.

-Day #1-

“The Favorite”
by Leon-Francois Comerre


I’m thinking about how nice it would be to share coffee with him this morning.  His sharp mind leads me into his world with a hunger for more. I search for a gap in the wall that keeps us apart, hoping to peer into his heart and find myself there.  Poetic thoughts of love and lust rule my day. When I look off into the distance I see only him and I smile.

“Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.” 

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

October on the River

The river has been my refuge for many years now.  In the summer it’s my playground. In the fall it’s amazingly beautiful. It’s a special place for me any time of year.

-October on the River- Photo by Karmic Diva


My special place is where…

ideas are born

plans are made

fate is decided

instincts dominate

thoughts intensify

wounds heal

I’m glad to be alive

Love Denied

Walk the line between tempest and torment.

Hope lost, love denied, end of innocence.

Douse the lingering fire of lustful dissent.

Praise the wound that bleeds with discontent.

Abandon the heart that loves without consent.

The Race

Attitude and spirit

Worn down by years

But never broken

From a wild mare

To a racing stallion

Tamed with time

From a gifted sprinter

To a gracious trotter

Always a champion

From hurdles and strides

To a peaceful pacer

Never stumbling or trite

In the race against time

Mom’s Wisdom

These words speak louder than the voices in my head and drown out the chatter of my neurotic inner critic.

My mother used to tell me…

-the only happiness that is achievable is my own-

-the way to love is unconditionally-

-hope can be found in friendship-

-everything happens for a reason-

-live for today-

-treat others the way you want to be treated-

-we all live in glass houses-

-you can’t please everyone-

-respect yourself, even when others don’t-

-tomorrow never comes-

-live in the moment-

-freedom isn’t free-

-this too shall pass-

In My Dream

In my dream…

While I laid naked in the luxury of a warm stream he bathed me gently and reverently.

He adorned my body with rose petals and lavishly scented my skin with jasmine oil.

Cleansed of all impurities, free of insecurities, a lost innocence returned unspoiled.

A faceless, nameless muse appeared in the muted light of a burning candle.

A distant voice said “wake up…your life is waiting for you.”

Friday Fictioneers 7/13 – via Madison Woods

The Vulture Ruler

Guardian of knowledge

Fitful masked imposter

Master of generous insistence

Initiator of a frustrated mind

Urgently and beyond reason

Manifest the poison of doubt

Fill the inner monster’s cup

Prey on stumbling indecision

Trust the villain’s beastly vision

Praise the tortured serpent’s plight

Feed an aimless panicked ego

Claim the skeptic’s empty shadow

Haunt a withered broken heart

Blur all truth as heresy

Until belief cannot be seen

Buzzards nested on barren limbs

Swoop to feast on cold remains

Fallen soldiers bloody, maimed

Hunger for truth to explain

The final crush of a devil’s reign


This is my post for this week…. Your feedback and comments are welcome. I’m still working on it so share your ideas if you like.

(word count 95)


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