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My Silly Life

Good morning and happy Sunday. Today I’m coming out of the closet to introduce and reveal myself.

Who is behind Karmic Diva? Is she real? Yes, KD is as real as I am.

I took some photos this week of Plymouth Harbor.  I love to spend time here in the summer.

Plymouth Rock Monument is in the lower left corner. It was built to represent the landing of the Pilgrims here in 1620.

This is a close-up of the harbor behind Plymouth Rock.

This is a view to the left of Plymouth Rock. In the background are several restaurants, clam shacks and the wharf where fishing boats are docked.

I decided not to leave my photo posted. Thanks for stopping by and peeking.

My Evil Kitty

So there you have it…a  peek into the silly life of Karmic Diva.

If you want to know more about me, read my page “100 Things About Me.”

It pays to be fearless.  Love to you all…Karm