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Emerging From Darkness

Our lives begin as a blank canvas. As we journey through life the canvas changes to reflect our experience, our passion, our fears…who we really are at that moment in time. The loss of a love, a tragedy or a moment of truth can change our lives forever.  When it happens we are unable to avoid the darkness within.

The pain is all consuming and paints our canvas black.  We grope in the dark until our resilience saves us.  Color and illumination will one day fill our canvas again.  At the turning point we will know that through perseverance we are liberated.  The thrill of a canvas in living color awaits us.

In my imagination I’m flying solo…boundless, limitless, alert and aware. In the present moment there is nothing to fear.  A crown of candles lights my way through dark confusion. I’m like a feather in the wind, searching for a safe place to rest and gather strength in the moonless night. Familiar voices urge me to retreat to an inner sanctuary free of frustration, resistance and regret.

In this safe and peaceful refuge I open my heart and soul to trust, honesty and healing. My heart is  nourished with kindness, sensitivity, compassion, acceptance and love.  The lessons learned blossom from knowledge to wisdom.

Self-criticism and inner restlessness is transformed into deep emotional awareness free of illusions.  The images of past hurts and disappointments melt away,  revealing the purpose and value of these old wounds. The  menacing shadows and sounds of the unseen, the unheard and the untouchable become silent and invisible.

Karmic Diva

Faith, discovery and awareness evolve in a lifelong process. Personal fulfillment is achieved with spiritual progress, not human perfection.  When I reach my turning point I will humbly open myself up fully to give and receive love again.  In the meantime my heart and soul will be nourished by the radiant abundance of love all around me.  Until then I’ll be content flying solo.

It pays to be fearless. Love to all…Karm

Emerging from Darkness by Karmic Diva

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