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Swing Seduction

Once again, Big C tells all about his art of seduction. He’s so right when he describes what attracts a woman. Thanks for posting my friend.


First Date Nightmares

The world of dating can be a nightmare at times.

When I meet a new guy for the first time I never know what I’m going to experience.

I don’t know much about him, but the curiosity and attraction is there and I want to  meet him.

Where my imagination takes  me when I’m with him is part of the excitement of a first date.

I like to compare the first date to a movie genre.

Will it be a drama, adventure, comedy, thriller, a silent film, romance or X-rated film?

Will it be a short date, full-length or a serial date with more episodes to come?

What kind of first impression will he make on the first date?   What will I learn about him?

The Drama Date: He’s conflicted with himself and describes his life with tales of woe.

The Adventure Date:  He’s a thrill seeker, loves dangerous situations, or enjoys the role of the hero or rescuer.

The Comedy Date:  He looks at life with humor and makes you laugh a lot.

The Thriller Date: He has a dark past or seeks out twisted relationships.

The Silent Film Date:  He has limited conversation and social skills, or he ignores you.

The Romance Date:  He’s flirtatious, romantic and shows he appreciates being with you.

The X-rated Date:  He engages in graphic sex talk or makes unambiguous remarks about his sexual practices.

None of these types of dates are necessarily bad. It all depends on the type of man a woman is attracted to.  Some women might perceive some of these dates are red flags, while others would dive in head first.

I met someone new last week.  I call him the Mayor and it seems to fit him well.  I think our first date was a lot of fun and I left feeling like I wanted to see him again.   It’s impossible to fit that date into one movie category.  A mature, educated, intelligent man with a strong personality and keen sense of who he is always intrigues me.

Then there are the bad boys.  Bad boys are often perceived by women as being sexually open and exciting.  They’re dripping with testosterone.  When I get close to a bad boy I can almost smell it…it’s like an aphrodisiac. For a woman who loves to experience uncharted territory and excitement in their sex life,  a bad boy might be their first choice.

There are women who have a burning desire to tame a wild horse but the price is too high for me.  When I meet a man who isn’t  trained, tamed, shamed or restrained, they’re tempting  but I know they can’t stay the course.  What works for them doesn’t work for me and they’re not going to change their wandering ways.  For a good time I’ll take the bad boy, but when it comes to love, attachment and commitment, bad boys finish last.

I’m not a dating expert and I’m not qualified to give dating advice.  I’m just sharing my thoughts and trying to make sense of it all.  I lost count of all the first dates I’ve had.  Maybe you can relate to some of my experiences.

The Mayor and I have had a few late night conversations since we met.  We both think we can be great friends.  We can talk honestly about everything as friends, but becoming lovers might make it difficult to be completely open and honest with each other.  The big question we’re asking is, does sex ruin a friendship?

I really want to know what your opinion is about this.  Does sex ruin a friendship?

Ladies Only

Today is National Tattoo Day and my imagination is running wild.  Let’s celebrate.  Time for a Google search.

These two are my favorite delicious looking men with tattoos on Google.  Enjoy ladies and have a wonderful day.

If you’re not impressed with his tattoo there is plenty more eye candy to enjoy.


It pays to fearless.   Love to all…Karm

Your Stud Turns Dud

What do you do when your stud turns dud?

Things go great in the beginning and you’re having fun, the sex is great and you think he’s the one. He’s attentive, flattering and in hot pursuit. Soon he has you believing he’ll make all your dreams come true.

Then one day you smarten up and realize you’re in the middle of his nightmare. Maybe he has mommy issues. Maybe he can’t let go of his ex. Maybe he’s a compulsive liar. Maybe he has a few other women he’s playing with at the same time. Maybe he has an STD named after him.

Whatever his problem is, once you discover his true nature run for your life. Push him off the face of the planet and don’t try to rescue him, fix him or forgive him.  When your stud turns dud it might hurt but you don’t need him.

It pays to be fearless. Love to all…Karm